Retirement Planning

The good news is that more of us are living longer but this can bring its own problems. We have higher lifestyle expectations than previous generations, yet are being expected to provide for ourselves to a
greater extent than many of us expected. State benefits are limited and personal savings through pension plans and other investments have always been essential to ensure a comfortable ‘old age’. The reality is that most people retire on less income than they would like, so it is vitally important to obtain the right retirement planning advice as early and as regularly as possible.

Irrespective of your age or career stage, we can provide comprehensive retirement planning advice. You may be confused about the merits of your various pension providers, so we can help you to understand your
existing provision. If you are approaching retirement, you may be considering your retirement options. The options are varied, and due consideration needs to be given to each option to determine which of the available retirement income options is best for you.

We also offer our clients a robust cash flow modelling facility. Put simply, cash flow modelling looks at all of the inflows of cash (such as salary, investment income, inheritances, etc.) and all of the outflows of cash (such as living expenses, income tax, discretionary expenditure, planned savings, etc.). Then, alongside a model of your assets and liabilities, we demonstrate graphically whether or not you are able to achieve your goals from your current position – and if so, what level of investment return you need to achieve.

In the event that you are currently not on track to be able to achieve your goals, we can then look at “what if?” scenarios to investigate the impact of various strategic decisions – such as saving more, retiring earlier, delaying or reducing expenditure, or making changes to the asset allocation within the portfolio.

In short, it’s a very sophisticated piece of software that models all of the various interactions between variables, including the effect of taxes, but which offers the chance to immediately identify potential problems and develop robust solutions. Any financial plan we build for you will have lifetime cash flow modelling at its core.