Financial Protection

Life is unpredictable, and presents many unexpected situations that we must deal with.

The protection plans we can arrange for you will:

  • Protect you & your family
  • Protect your mortgage
  • Protect your income

Why Seek Advice?

The importance of seeking advice cannot be overstated – it is easy to purchase life assurance on the internet but it is essential that consideration is given to writing life assurance plans within a suitable trust arrangement and this can only be achieved through seeking professional advice. The use of trusts allows life policy proceeds to be paid out speedily, and avoids the policy proceeds being reduced by inheritance tax, which means that the money ends up quickly in the hands of the people you want to benefit.

It’s also important to consider what critical illnesses are covered within a policy, not just the cost. Some plans look lower in cost, but they may not offer the comprehensive level of protection you require. As Independent Financial Advisers, we can research the whole of the market on your behalf.

We will review your circumstances to advise how much protection you actually need. We will consider the consequences for you & your family if your income ceased. Do you have debts? Do you pay school fees? Does your partner work? Could they continue to do so without your support? Would you need to meet childcare payments? Seeking professional advice removes guesswork, and allows us to create a strategy that meets your needs in the most cost-effective way, ensuring that you are not gambling with the future financial security of you and your family.

The plans you make now can make all the difference. We can advise you on the best way to ensure you and those you love are looked after, whatever the future brings.